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Prophetic ED is a unique prophetic application of the New Testament with an uncommon vision and mission for 21st century prophetic service. Our motto is “We Plant Prophets”, taking its cue from scripture’s church planting model. In today’s world, prophets are needed in every sphere of life, and they need to be accessible to the world’s multitudinous communities. However, until now there was no uniform way to plant[1] them. Traditional approaches left the prophets themselves to design their ministries. This usually consists of the prophets behaving very much like evangelists on missions. For instance, they travel from place to place the way evangelists go on missions. They sometimes deliver teachings on subjects pertaining to their host site, the way evangelists share the salvation message. Planting prophets means appointing highly trained as well as pointedly endowed prophetic communicants to set up or take over a Prophetic ED agency to put their education and skill to God’s use. In this capacity, the prophetic ministers are stationed in an assigned territory to give God’s people access to His word on matters affecting their lives. Instead of waiting for the prophet to come to town, and hoping those that come are reputable and accurate, Prophetic ED will situate its divine communications’ specialist in neighborhoods, towns, cities, and regions throughout the world to put God’s voice in earshot of His people. The importance of this tactic is to counteract the demonic flood that is usurping Christianity, its churches, and God’s divine communicants. Once in full effect, this plan assures the word of the Lord and not just psychic readings is available to those wanting to hear from Jesus Christ, the God of gods instead of just any deity. What follows answers how Prophetic ED will implement and materialize its vision of “Planting Prophets all over the world.” Prophetic ED’s training goals rests on the establishment of a prophetic education center that leads to and is served by a prophetic agency. To achieve these outcomes, every institute must uniformly deliver the mix of academic and practical instructions that produces the divine communicants that its agency organizations need. The most achievable onsite institutes should be comprised of diverse spiritual giftings from within its organization and those outside that are identified as compatible with it. Participating organization vision statements should play a great role in the process that brings Prophetic ED into an area and a facility. In order for the body of ordained prophets, intercessors, divine communicants, and other prophetic ministers to staff a quality prophetic agency must demonstrate an inclination outside the church to relay its agency functions to its community beneficially. The ideal assemblage should efficiently expedite our mutual organizations’ mandate. In effect, Prophetic ED and its agencies will clarify as well as install the spiritual guardianship every community needs from the true and living God. Screening and vetting will be accomplished by Prophetic ED’s assessments and leadership evaluations. These will isolate the those most likely to succeed in its readiness plan. Owing to the undeniable differences in territories and people groups, Prophetic ED’s program is adaptable to every prophetic ministry model the Lord gave to His body. That is why the following was composed and compiled, to adjustably fit the uniqueness of every entity Prophetic ED will adopt, enlist, ally with, and found in its “Worldwide Prophet Planting” mandate.

[1] Introduce, root, place, deposit; seed, sow, position.






We execute our mandate by offering services online and onsite to local communities, businesses, ministries and other institutions that place God's voice at the center of it all. As practioners we become more than just prophesiers and ministers, we become neighbors, partners, consultants, confidants, advocates, counselors and friends. Our goal is to provide access to God's voice in everyday life. Unlike traditional psychic hotlines and even prophecy call lines, we do not just offer prediction as a main service, although it is include it is not the focus of our sessions. We included, strategy, analysis, interpretation, resolution, direction, planning and outcome. You ask and we answer! Talk it out-Walk It Out is our model. Sign up for a session and discover the benefits for yourself. 

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