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Taking the prophetic beyond prophecy! The prophetic is more than just predictive, it is the kickstart of a life process that requires guidance, direction, and collaboration.  




Want to start a career as a prophetic advisor? Prophetic-Ed prides itself on creating new and fascinating professional career paths for prophets outside of the local church. Since the history of this position biblically was never congregational but national, it is our goal to restore the prophets' role in the local and governmental communities of society. Now these divine representatives can begin their own practice and return back to the prophetic roots that made these officers a biblical mainstay.  You can join our team today and begin serving your community as a divine communicant. We are looking for prophets, apostles, seers, dreamers, intercessors, prophesiers, and the like who want to make global change in our world. 

How to Join:

  1. Submit an Application 

  2. Include an current bio and resume 

  3. Complete a ministry assessment questionnaire 

  4. Conduct an interview with our advisement team

  5. Enroll in Institute-agency training 

  6. Become an agent or set up your own practice

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